Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Circle Trip - October 2009

When we returned from our mission, we had a desire to visit with Joan's children and get reacquainted with our grandchildren. We began our trip in Reno and then took Nevada Highway 50 across to Parowan, Utah. One of the sights that we stopped to see is the "shoe tree". People have been tying their shoelaces together and tossing them into this tree for decades. The tree is all by its lonesome out in the middle of nowhere.


We began our trip in Parowan to visit Uncle Jack. He is Wayne's last surviving uncle on his mother's side of the family. We have visited him before and love to see him.
Uncle Jack's little dog, Tillie, liked sitting on Wayne's head and licking his ears.
Uncle Jack's hobby is wood-working. This is his latest project, a grandfather clock. Wayne was helping him to get it level so that he could install and adjust the clock workings.
We were able to visit with our friends Ron and Linda Larsen, who live in Parowan. They served in New Amsterdam, Guyana when we served. It was a fun visit.

We spent a morning looking at indian petroglyphs near Parowan.