Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last trip to Suriname


The last time we were here with Elder Alvarado, we visited Shemuel. He is 15 and running with the wrong friends and his mother is worried about him. At that time, Elder Alvarado found out that Shemuel liked to play soccer (football) but he did not have a ball. Elder Alvarado promised him that if he would go to seminary, he would bring him a football. We found out that his seminary class was not meeting regularly and Shemuel was still hanging around with the same friends. We invited him to come to seminary graduation the next night and he came. While we were visiting with Shemuel, Elder Alvarado sat down with him to teach him about the Book of Mormon. It is a sweet picture - neither of them knew I had a camera. Our trip was very successful. We were able to meet Brother Rappeleye (pronounced Rappley) who is Brother Alvarado's boss. Brother Alvarado is "brother" when he is doing seminary and institute business, he is "Elder" when he is doing priesthood business. He is in the 5th quorum of 70. We enjoyed meeting him and learning from him. The graduation in Suriname went better than it ever has before and we were delighted to have learned how to do it properly from Brother Rappeleye. We said good-bye to the Ibrahim family. They are quite capable of running the program. We love them and will miss them.
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